Zaciągnij się do startupa…

Przerwa na reklamę: w ramach Venture Incubator S.A. poszukujemy dodatkowych osób do rozwijanych projektów - Skandynawia, SEO, Dziennik Internautów i Internet Works, więc… zaciągnij się do startupa!

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  1. Biliana Sirakova Says:

    Hello Sebastian!
    I read this article
    and thought because of the knowledge you have on WEb 2.0 you can help with one question. I am sorry that I am writing in English, hopefully this is ok with you.

    I did not see among the most popular WEB 2.0 apps and sites I read somewhere it is the most popular social network in Poland. What is your opinion on this?
    I am researching the opportunity to use social networks for recruitment/staffing and am trying to understand if it is possible to use this site. I will appreciate it if you can provide your opnion on this. Thank you in advance!

  2. Sebastian Kwiecień Says:

    When you look at the date of the article mentioned you’ll see that it’s from 2006, while Nasza-Klasa started to get traction late in Nov 2007 (take a look at - so basically it was not available back then. Now its the premiere polish social network. I hope this helps.

  3. Biliana Sirakova Says:

    Great, thanks for your reply.

  4. ucho24 Says:

    strona nie jest zgodna z W3C xHTML - usun link albo błedy popraw

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